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SRI Fire Fighting Products

Firepro is the representative of SRI in Mauritius.

SRI (Steel Recon Industries) is a Malaysian manufacturer of fire fighting equipment established since 1974.

SRI has two factories in Malaysia and one factory in Germany. SRI’s network comprises of more than 70 distributors in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, the African Continent and the USA which assures customers of fast and efficient delivery of products.

SRI is committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable fire fighting equipment to protect lives and properties. Its full range of fire fighting products are designed using advanced computer aided methods and are manufactured to International Standards such as:  
• British Standards (BS)
• European Standards (EN)
• Underwriter Laboratories Standards (UL)
• Malaysian Standards (MS)

SRI is an ISO 9001 certified company.

SRI Product Range
SRI product range includes fire extinguishers (all types & capacities), fire hose reels, pillar hydrants, landing valves, breeching inlet, flat fire hoses, (white & red types), hose reel and hose cabinets, hose reel nozzles, jet/spray nozzles, hose reel nozzle key boxes, , emergency key boxes, fire blankets, fire safety signs, automatic gas suppression systems (CO2, Inertec55...), and many more...

SRI products

SRI Fire Extinguishers

Inertec 55 Fire Suppression Systems